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Alarm Systems

If you have recently installed or activated an alarm system in your home or business, you have taken a very important step in crime prevention. Your next important step is to obtain an alarm permit to operate your system.  Wood Village code section 8.08 requires alarms in the City to have a permit from the County.  The information from your alarm permit application is entered into the Bureau of Emergency Communications database (911).  This permit is issued through Multnomah County, and has to be renewed annually.  Please click Here to learn more about Mutlnomah County’s Alarm Program, or click Here to download the Alarm Permit.

Please note:  Most alarm systems (even those  bought at a home improvement store) require this permit.  If you have any questions if your alarm system needs a permit, please call the Multnomah County Alarm Program at 503-251-2411.