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Business License and Other Payments

The City of Wood Village accepts online payments through a third party payment processor, Government Payment Service.

Government Payment Service is a third party payment service that will process your City of Wood Village payment through an online secure website.

To make your online payment you will need the following:

  1. Property Owner or Business Name (if a business name, please separate the name between the first name and last name fields as these are required fields)
  2. Service Address
  3. Description of Payment: i.e. Business License, Rental License, ect.
  4. Payment Amount
  5. Debit or Credit Card Information

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Minimum service fee of $3.50 or 3.25% whichever is greater.

By clicking the continue button above you will be transported to the Government Payment Service website.  Government Payment Service is a separate entity from the City of Wood Village, and all information on their website is governed by their Website Terms of Service.  The City of Wood Village and Government Payment Service will share your account information to ensure your payment posts to your account within a timely manner.