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East Metro Mediation

The East Metro Mediation service is Free to all residents and businesses in Wood Village.

East Metro Mediation can help in a variety of conflict areas:

  • Business and Workplace Mediation gives businesses tools for solving problems such as consumer complaints and employee disputes.
  • Elder Mediation provides specialized services to help older adults, families and caregivers address situations that surface as part of aging.
  • Housing Conflicts
  • Neighborhood Mediation helps neighbors resolve disagreements over many common neighbor to neighbor issues from property line disputes to noise.
  • Training in Conflict Resolution includes classes for the public, mediation professionals, schools and community groups on communication and conflict resolution.
  • Tips for Talking Though Troubles

The mediation process is facilitated by a trained impartial mediator who provides a safe setting for both sides of the issue to be expressed. The mediator helps clarify the issues and clear up misunderstandings so the people involved can consider their options for improving the future.

Advantages to Mediation

Mediation is available at no cost to the parties within East Metro Mediation’s service area.

Fair and Neutral
Parties have an equal say in the process and decide settlement terms, not the mediator. There is no determination of guilt or innocence in the process.

Saves Time and Money
In many instances mediation is completed in one meeting. Using East Metro Mediation can save parties money by avoiding costly and sometimes lengthy litigation.

All parties sign a confidentiality agreement. Information disclosed during mediation will not be disclosed to people outside your mediation or the program.

Improves Communication and Fosters Cooperation
Mediation provides a neutral and confidential setting where parties can openly discuss their views on the underlying dispute. Many times the enhanced communication can lead to mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Design your own Solution
A neutral third party assists the parties in reaching a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation can resolve many if not all issues important to the parties.

Everyone Wins
When both parties participate East Metro Mediation, over 90% of the cases are resolved, and 98% of respondents to East Metro Mediation’s follow-up survey have expressed satisfaction.

Visit East Metro Mediation by Clicking here, or by calling 503-618-3247.  Again, this is a Free service to residents and businesses in Wood Village.