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Rental License

If you are a rental property owner, the City of Wood Village requires that you purchase an annual rental license. Please contact City Hall (503-667-6211) when you purchase property that will be used for rental purposes.

The City of Wood Village also has a rental inspection program.  Please click Here to learn more about this program.

Rental property license
Wood Village’s Municipal Code, Chapter 5.20 requires all rental property owners to pay an annual license fee of $20.00 per rental unit located within the City. This annual fee is for January through December of each year. The City will send you an invoice each year in December.

A full license fee is charged for each unit that is maintained and held for rental purposes for more than 180 days during the calendar year. If a rental unit is maintained and held for 180 days or less in a calendar year, the license fee is prorated to equal one half of the calculated fee.

Delinquent water and sewer charges on rental property
If a tenant leaves without paying the sewer and water bills, the property owner is held responsible for any delinquent water and sewer fees from the rental property.

Wood Village Municipal Code, Chapters 13.04 and 13.12 designate the property owner as ultimately responsible for any delinquent water and sewer user fees incurred by the tenant.

Notice will be sent to the property owner when a tenant’s utility account is delinquent and the property is facing potential shut off.

We make every effort to collect from the tenant for services provided before requiring payment from the property owner. Please notify the City immediately when tenants change so that we can update our records. You are, of course, welcome to leave the utility billing in your name therefore always knowing the status of payment for the property.