2055 NE 238th Drive   .   Wood Village OR 97060-1095   .   Phone: (503) 667-6211   .   Fax: (503) 669-8723   .   city@ci.wood-village.or.us

Council Profiles

The Wood Village City Council is your elected leadership. City Councilors are elected every four years from the City at large. The Councilors choose who will serve as the Mayor from among themselves.

City Council meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. at City Hall.  All meetings, including changes to the regular time or special meetings, are advertised in the Gresham Outlook. City Council meetings are open to the public. Your attendance and feedback are welcome!

The City Council serves on a volunteer basis. The Councilors do not have offices at City Hall. To contact them, send an email or leave a message at City Hall (503-667-6211)

Councilors are elected at the biennial general election. To enter the election, you must have lived in Wood Village for 12 months prior to the election and be a registered voter.  Call City Hall for information on filing deadlines.  To learn more about voluntering on a City Comittee or Board click Here to get more information and download an application. The City Council will review the application and contact you for an interview. City Councilors can be appointed by the sitting City Council to fill a vacancy until the next election.


  1. Bruce Nissen – Term Ends 12/31/18
  2. Patricia Smith – Term Ends 12/31/20
  3. Scott Harden, Council President- Term Ends 12/31/20
  4. Mark Clark – Term Ends 12/31/18
  5. Timothy Clark, Mayor – Term Ends 12/31/20